Why Tarot?

   Why do some consult the Tarot with questions or for guidance?  Have you ever heard the phrases, “If I could only see a sign that I’m doing the right thing.”?  Well, that’s exactly what a Tarot reading can do!

   Now keep in mind, nothing is written in stone and circumstances can change.  Your reading will always be relevant to your situation, but heavily influenced by your feelings towards that situation.  Anxious energy can bring mixed messages into the reading.  It’s a general rule of thumb to keep a neutral and open mind during the entire reading.  Since I began to cleanse the area and ground myself first, my readings came with much more clarity.  Tarot helps give you guidance in any given situation, they can help bring secrets to light.

Every reader is different and will use their own techniques and tools.  Some use multiple decks, others use only one.  There are many many different decks, none better than the other, as well as Oracle cards available.  What matters most is the connection.  If you receive a message that really resonates with you, you will definitely know it.  If your reading doesn’t make sense, take a little time to think about it.  Just don’t force it.  If after a little bit of thought it still doesn’t make sense you can always try another reader.  Every Tarot reader can tell you that there will always be a select few that they just can’t seem to get an accurate reading on.  Don’t worry.  When you hear the answer you were meant to hear, you’ll know without a doubt.

Doing readings for yourself can sometimes be the hardest kind of reading to do.  Just remember to practice the same method of keeping a neutral and open-mind.  Allow the Spirit to guide the cards, and the Tarot can show you what needs to be changed, and just how to make that change.

Much Love and Blessed Be,

S. FeatherStone