What Is A Sacred Circle?

Sacred Circle

Perhaps the most notable experience in meditation is that first moment where you retroactively see the space you’ve learned to create in your own mind. It’s a peaceful little bubble; completely empty, yet still full. It is filled to almost bursting with warm calm and serenity. Now imagine how powerful that would be, were it to surround you entirely.

This is the purpose of casting a sacred circle. Your sacred circle is your sacred space. While often this space is described as a two-dimensional “circle,” and is depicted in movies and TV as such, it’s important to remember that nothing in life is truly 2-D. Spirituality, especially, is intra-dimensional, and therefore so should be your circle.

It may be hard to think in terms of an interaction between the physical third dimension that we know from geometry and spiritual 4th dimension of existence. The 4th dimension, or realm, is not something we see with our eyes, but rather something that we feel. It isn’t experienced in the typical physical world, but it is there nonetheless. So when I say “sacred circle,” I find the easiest way to think about it is this: imagine a three-dimensional space — and this could be a bubble within a literal circle, or a whole room within four walls — that is filled with energy drawn from this fourth dimension. This sacred circle then becomes almost a portal, or archway, between worlds. In here, you can know the spiritual world, which resides within the fourth realm, with all five senses. At the same time, you remain within the safe confines of this physical world.

In movies and TV, a circle keeps the undesirable beings within a defined, closed space. In my experience, the purpose of a circle is twofold: to keep the energy in so that it can grow and fill the space, like steam in a sauna, but also to keep the distractions of the physical world out of your practice. Remember, above all, that the sacred circle is maintained and supported by your own mind. Your mind is where you draw your spiritual strength and power from, just as your muscles support your physical body. Clear your mind and surroundings of distractions before you cast. If you find yourself physically interrupted, it can interrupt you mentally and break your concentration. The circle will fall apart if you don’t properly support it, and then you’ll have to rebuild it from scratch. This is why I would encourage a thorough cleansing of your third-dimension space and mental space before you cast. Clear clutter, sweep and mop, dust, take care of the room or area where you want your circle to be. Then clear yourself mentally by relieving yourself of stress and busy thoughts. This could be as simple as deep breaths, meditation, or a brisk jog.

When your space and mind are clear, you are ready to cast your circle. There is no right way to do this, but I’ll outline how I personally proceed:

Walk around the perimeter of your sacred space, defining it with your steps. Use a wand, athame, or even a besom to outline the circle, or draw an actual physical space with salt, herbs, or whatever matches your intention. As you circle, continue to remain within an almost meditative state; calm, quiet, and serene. Fall deeper into your concentration, and focus your entirety mindfully on what you’re doing. When you’ve reached a comfortable position in your mind, where it is both empty and full, make your way to the center. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and raise your arms over your head. With your palms and face pointing upwards, feel the energy from the sky reach down and touch you. Feel it begin to flow through your veins. Intermittently, focus on the energy of the ground, and draw it up through your feet, again feeling it seep into your veins. Take deep breaths, pulling the energy in, and then pushing it through your body on the out-breath. When you are full of energy, bring your arms down, keeping your palms facing in front of you, and allow your face to point forwards. Breathe in and fan the flames of the energy now pulsing within your veins. Breathe out and allow that energy to melt through your skin into the room. Continue until the room is filled. The air will be thick with warm energy, that will be calm, yet feel as though it’s waiting on bated breath to burst through your circle and
escape into the world.

This is the ideal position. This is when you begin your spellwork. Your circle has been cast, and
you are now in a sacred space. Blessed be.

Jasmine Scarlatos