Turning Inward

     Sitting in my kitchen, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, I look out the window and see what once was a beautiful, lush green garden turned barren and brown.  The leaves have fallen, having changed from their bright shades of green to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows.  Now they carpet the grass in shades of brown.  The trees stand bare against a grey sky.  Yes, Fall has come, and the cold, snowy Winter is very close.

     At a passing glance our thoughts may focus on the bleak colors and cold temperatures that are on their way.  But look beyond this, our Mother Earth is resting.  She’s renewing herself and regaining strength for the new life she’ll give birth to in the Spring.

     I look forward to making this a fun time.  To read my journals and see what I have learned this past year.  To measure the changes I’ve been through and what I can do to make myself better.  This opens a whole new time of growth and the discovery to know myself again.  

     I see this as a time to take care of me.  To follow our Mother’s example and turn inward, to evaluate all that has happened in my life this past year, and to shed the things no longer serve me.  To draw my energy within, to evaluate, and to renew.  To decide what I want to manifest in the following year and prepare those seeds of change.  

Blessed Be,

Shari Featherstone