Three Powerful Animal Totems

Three Powerful Animal Totems Earth Warrior Essentials

Three Powerful Animal Totems

The Horse– In present-day Western culture horses show up as unforeseen guests: not exactly fascinating, however not recognizable either. This alienation among people and horses is an ongoing one since, until the 1930s; horses were completely present in the regular world. Yet, notwithstanding the significance of horses, researchers have given little consideration to their lives, jobs, and implications. A closer look reveals not only their wildness and freedom, but their strength as well.

If you are a horse person you can expect life to be interesting. The horse totem symbolizes opportunity.  Individuals with this spirit animal will reliably wind up on another voyage. This totem will instruct you to ride in new ways and find your capacity and freedom. Horse totem individuals are normally cordial and courageous. On the off chance that you have this totem, you should liberate yourself from saw constraints. You should persistently address yourself regarding whether you have to proceed onward or enable others to pull back. This animal will show you how to ride in new ways to stir and find your opportunity and power. If you are a horse person, be proud for you have a rich history to follow and to be happy for. In fact, Horse imagery is telling you that you have the ability to transform everything without exception you pick in your life. Additionally, comprehend that the wild opportunity of this animal can be bridled and utilized for your advantage and everyone around you. This understanding comes just when man and monster enter a quiet contract recognizing common regard and attention to the obligation to one another. On the other hand, you are being approached to comprehend that genuine power is the shrewdness found in recollecting your adventure in general.

The Eagle– The Eagle, powerful, strong, swift, unchanging, survival, freedom, there are many words we can associate with this very prominent symbol on the North American continent. But what is it that draws you to the Eagle? It is your soul. The Eagle has the ability to see right through to where the smallest morsel of food is below the clouds making it an impeccable hunter of the sky. Are you like the Eagle in life? If you are you would display the traits of this animal as much as your human side would physically allow. The Eagle has a long history of surviving even in dangerous places, such as high barren cliff sides. In life you are strong, daunting and at times it seems you just can look right through people, especially those that are lying to you. You come back with a vengeance after you are knocked down and yet fly anyway against all odds, making your way to the top of life’s clouds as if they were not there at all. Nothing will stop you when you spread your wings to fly. You possess innate abilities to conquer all obstacles that life may throw at you and still manage to fly high above everyone else, looking down on them as if they were prey and you the predator. Even the predators of the forest cannot touch you because you even soar high above their heads.

The Native Americans see the Eagle as a symbol of great strength, natural leadership and vision. As if to purposefully mirror this, the eagle has been used as a ‘flag’ by many of the powerful empires throughout history, from Babylon to Egypt, Rome and even the United States of America. In the early Christian church the eagle was often seen as a symbol of strength and hope, meaning salvation. The eagle shows up two times in the book of Revelation; both times the wording suggests it is on the side of God. In Islam, the eagle means warlike ferociousness, dominion and nobility.

The Owl– With the owl spirit animal as your guide, you have the ability to see into people and the situations taking shape around you. You know when to speak up, to say something, and you know when it’s right to keep quiet. You are wise and sensitive to energies and sounds and light, and you do not move based on your emotions. When it’s feasible, you make it a point to be very calculated in your actions. The owl symbol has been historically paired with death. However, you should understand that this belief is not to be taken in a literal way. The owl animal spirit stands for a symbolic death, like your life all of a sudden changes because of an intense life event. You are being made aware to be leery of the winds of change and see those changes in a good way.

Just think of it this way, it is time to let go of the negative so that you have more room, in your life, for new things and better things. Your owl spirit totem is reassuring you that you only need to take that large and life changing step, and then everything else will fall into place. When the owl totem begins showing up in your life, it is time to start being more aware of the small things in your life. Especially for those people, things, place, and events that usually are below your radar. It is part of your nature to be more wise, have a heightened sense of intuition, and know things deeper than other people as the Owl totem. Your mantra might as well be, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!” You need to pay attention to your inner guidance if you want to always remain one step ahead of life. This also applies when it comes to your love life, because not all prospects of love can end in a happy ever after sort of way. As much as you wish to make it work, there are always some things in this life that are outside your control, as the owl, you know this better than most people. It is so easy to get lost in the excitement of a new relationship which can make you lose track of time and your entire focus. The owl totem wants you to be open to get loved, but to also be wise, like the owl, and not lose your reality in it.