The Element of Air

“Hear the voice of the Bard!

Who present, past, and future sees;

Whose ears have heard the Holy Word

That walk’d among ancient trees”…

William Blake


     What comes to mind when we think about the elusive element, Air?  It’s the one element that cannot be seen, but certainly lets us know it is there.  We can see the effects of Air all around us. Sounds and scents use Air to travel, seeds use its currents to drift away until finding a wonderful place to land and sprout.  

     We can witness its interaction and effect on the other elements too.  The lovely mist of fog when the cool air temperature meets the warm water.  The swirling smoke of fragrant incense or the flame of a bonfire as it seems to lick at the air.  We can see the crashing of waves as Air carries a storm over the ocean.  We can feel rock and earth that has been carved and worn from Air’s breath. 

     By witnessing its interaction with the other elements as well as its effect on its immediate environment, we begin to see what the results have in common. Movement.  It’s no coincidence that Air represents thoughts, intellect, communication, ideas, change, and new beginnings.  All of these things require movement of some kind in order to exist.

     In reference to health, Air is associated with the respiratory organs and tissues, breathing, speech, the mind, and with the senses hearing and smell.  Air is certainly vital to our existence.  The first priority when a baby is born is to get them to take that first breath.  Every organ in our body relies on air to function.  While every element is vital to us, one may say that Air has earned the top position.

     In magick, Air aids with the power of visualization, which we know is vital in spell work.  It is essential for the healing and positive energy we cast out to travel and arrive where intended.  Air carries the purifying smoke of sage to cleanse our homes and sacred spaces.  We can see why it rules over divination.

     We can also easily see the effects of Air when an imbalance occurs.  In our bodies too much air can cause moodiness, bloating, discomfort, excessive talkativeness to name just a few.  Too little air will cause shortness of breath, confusion, and the death of cells.

     An imbalance among the other elements can be devastating, explosions, tornadoes, hurricanes, to name a few.  The absence of air suffocates fire itself, as well as the microscopic life found in water and earth.  

     What does Air mean to you?  Try sitting down, closing your eyes while slowly inhaling and exhaling deep breaths as you think about what Air means to you.  Take a walk outdoors and let the air tussle your hair.  How does it feel?  In the dawn of the morning, at sunset, after a rainstorm, during a drought try to inhale the different scents Air brings to you and give thanks.  Look to the sky and let your mind get lost in its mystical wonder.  Imagine what it would feel like to be a bird in flight and let your mind soar.

     I was taught that in order to fully understand the Elements we must spend time with each of them.  While I will never claim to be an expert, I can say that personally I did learn more from experiencing Air then I did from all the articles or books I’ve read.

     Try it.  Try the above suggestions and meditate on your experiences.  You can always record the results in your Book of Shadows.


Time of Day:                      Dawn

Direction:                           East

Season:                             Spring

Color:                                 Yellow, White, Pastels

Tools:                                 Athame, Sword, (wands for some)

Tarot Suit:                          Swords, (wands for some)

Sense:                               Smell

Gemstones:                       Any clear and light weight,

                                           Adventurine, Celestite, Citrine, Lapis

                                           Lazuli, Mica, Topaz, Turquoise,

                                           Crystal Quartz, Diamond, Labradorite,


Herbs:                                Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, 

                                          Frankincense, Myrrh, Vervain, Yarrow,

                                          Marjoram, Peppermint, Pansy, Anise,


Tree:                                  Aspen, Birch, Cedar

Gender:                             Masculine

Symbols:                           Feathers, Incense, Flowers, Smoke

Energy:                              Projective

Animals:                            Birds, Butterflies, Winged Creatures

Magical Creatures:            Faerie, Sylphs, Zephyrs

Zodiac Signs:                    Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Deities:                              Arianrhod, Thoth, Mercury

Ritual:                                Clear Communication, Study, Freedom,

                                          Knowledge, The Mind,    Intellect, Ideas,

                                          Inspiration, Dreams, Wishes

Blessed Be,