The Element Earth


Earth is the most solid of the elements. Earth is what we stand on, what we can hold on to. If we were to stand on water or air, we’d sink. Hold on to fire, and we are left with nothing but burns on our hands. Earth is factual, tangible, and steeped in the present. It’s the part of the soul that is steady and reliable.

In the tarot, Earth is represented in the suit of Pentacles. The Pentacles, in turn, often deal with monetary situations. This isn’t to say, however, that a “down to Earth” person is greedy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A person who is down to Earth works hard, and quite often has had periods in their lives where they’ve gone without. They understand the importance of money, but they also recognize the importance of earning it. Take, for example, the Queen of Pentacles. Upright she means financial independence, and reversed she’s dependence on others. This, truly, is the essence of Earth; to be fully immersed in reality, and accepting of wherever it is at that moment in time.

Winter is a time of rest. A time of being in the present moment. The Earth is still, and doesn’t sink under your feet as it once did. It’s unmalleable. This is not a time for major changes; leave that for spring because, should you slip on the ice (water and emotion’s unforgiving twin), you’ll surely end up with an injury. Boreas may blow in from the North, and sweep the leaves off of the trees; he may bring chills that turn your cheeks pink; but this time of rest is necessary for the cherry trees and blueberry bushes to bear fruit. When the Air is frozen, Fires don’t burn as bright, and Water stands still, Earth stands strong as always. That is why Earth is the element of sacred Winter.

Winter has come, as the Autumn has passed. The fall of the leaves signified her arrival. Let us not despair, children of Earth. While the animals have descended back into the warmth of her womb, and the plants have embraced the death that comes before their rebirth, we humans remain. Our colors have not dimmed from the chill, our passions shall not rest with our brothers and sisters of the wilds. Praise Boreas, and his winds from the North! Praise Winter! Praise Earth!


Jasmine Scarlatos