Tarot Reading For The Greater Good 11/3

Reading For The Greater Good

A Tarot “Reading for the Greater Good” and with my sincerest wishes, hope that you find a partially lighted path toward your highest and best good.

The Stars in first position reveal creativity and inspiration in all its forms.  Timely, for me, as I woke up this morning with a poem on my lips.  We should all be inspired, at this time, to identify that which we wish to speak and then say it; formulate what we want to do, and then do it.  There is energy of motion added to our magic this week.  With Mercury again in retrograde, allow the conscious mind to yield to your unconscious and keep energies flowing toward enrichment of the arts, creativity of the mind, body, and spirit, and go with the flow of the universe.  To do otherwise is fine.  Just know it’s a lesson hard fought that some things you cannot control and should not even try to.

The Queen of Wands confirms that creativity is high and that our concepts and visualizations have been formed.  Wands are especially concerned with the mind and thought patterns, therefore, it is a prime time, this week, to bring those concepts out of the urges and into play!  The seeds have been planted and our journeys have begun!  It’s time to move from concept to action.

The Two of Pentacles (reversed) shows signs of weakness, no energy, and no chances to gain through employment or money matters we have been pursuing xx. If we succumb to the fears of Mercury retrograde rather than amping up the thought forms and placing them into action, we will fall into a pattern of self doubt.   It will be an effort, as most achievements are, and at the end of this week, we can reflect in our bounty rather than lamenting in our failures.  During this week do not fall prey to your intuition.  With mercury in retrograde, we will likely experience a false sense of intuition as more wishful thinking rather than true seeing.  Be brutally honest with yourself this week.  The choice is ours to make.  Sink or swim.  There is always a choice.