Tarot Reading For The Greater Good 11/18

Tarot Reading For The Greater Good 11/18 Earth Warrior Essentials

The 8 of swords stands at the ready for us to define specific boundaries and direct our activities to move us toward success. Caution must be taken this week that we carefully think out our plans to ensure that there is no doubt about our direction! If this involves legal actions, law suits, or any other thing that has to do with the law, proceed with caution and listen to the people who have the knowledge and insight to guide you, but make the decision for yourself. Defining boundaries is immensely important if we are to move forward with positive momentum.

Judgment in the second position always leaves me slightly looking forward to the mystery that may be about to unfold as it is an awakening of sorts and may lead some of us to have that sense of de ja vu – like this has happened before – and we should not be so quick to dismiss that feeling but rather take a moment, reflect to see if we have defined our boundaries and in those definitions if we have created this feeling and it’s further confirmation of our forward momentum. Relying on intuition and our senses rather than on the material physical manifestations this week would a good idea since judgment is involved! Be discerning!

The King of Wands in our final position indicates that you sometimes cannot see the forest for the trees! We are cautioned to take a step back, focus on intuition and ensuring that we have a plan of action to bring our highest and best good into focus! The energy this week will require us to feel and acknowledge the presence of air in our lives! Sing. Speak. Begin. All elements of Air. Our journey has begun but our confidence may be lacking to acknowledge the beginning of the journey. Don’t miss the forest for the trees! Step back. Breathe! The journey has begun!

Wishing you all what is in your highest and best good, in abundance!