Tarot Reading For The Greater Good 11/10

tarot reading november tenth

The High Priest in first position for the week reflects a high energy week where we have the potential to be perceived as “movers and shakers.” If there is something in your life that is bringing about opportunities for you to rally against inequities or to further your own agenda and cause, this is the week to begin and to speak up! You may find yourself being the voice of the people, make sure you have surrounded yourself with the right ones!

The King of Cups reversed cautions us to take inventory of our finances and to look at our relationships and the other valuable aspects of our lives. Be mindful that familiarity is often a breeding ground for contempt, don’t take things so personally and if you are involved in seeking answers only through divination and not a combination of divination AND hard work, stagnation will set in and nothing new will begin this week. We must do our work!

The Prince of Cups reversed solidifies in this reading the need for much work to be done. Defining goals and keeping frivolous spending to a minimum are a must this week. Gauge your wants against your needs and do not overspend. Pay your bills before you get that new shiny object. It is crucial this week to focus on needs rather than wants.

In summary, for some of us, the week ahead will proceed per usual, for others of us, there will be a struggle to identify what we actually need and then stick to the plan of meeting our needs! The main focus is on finding our voices and identifying the truth so that we may speak it and keeping our finances and all other things precious to us safe and close. Enjoy your week and know that I wish for your highest and best good, in abundance.