September Tarot Reading

September Tarot Reading

I will do a monthly tarot reading for the greater good, with harm to none, to help guide all who are inclined to be guided through the days ahead:


     The Tower card in this position calls for us to be vigilant in our quest toward enlightenment and illumination.  If we are heading toward and education, or learning a practice, or making an attempt at something new and foreign, the Tower Card will illuminate the way and make the journey more open and tolerable.

      The empress reversed calls for us to enter a new cycle and urges us to move forward while finding an understanding of what it is that we must do.  As our ideas begin to formulate and we can begin to move forward in our journey.

      The hanged man reversed indicates that we may have chosen a specific course of study or action.  The truth is elusive at the present time but that doesn’t mean that all before us is false.  It simply means that we have more work to do to have clarity and to accept that sometimes we gain knowledge from unknown sources and we should be open to that notion.

     In summary, the month ahead is filled with new opportunities, whether it be career choices, educational choices, or other life choices, we must be vigilant in keeping focused because these are roads we have never traveled before or have not traveled in a long, long time.  Do your work, be vigilant, discount nothing as being frivolous and accept that the universe is working with you to reach your highest and best good.