October Tarot Reading

October Tarot Reading Earth Warrior Essentials

For the greater good in the month of October, so much goodness is coming our way.  We would be best served to remain vigilant, yielding, and discerning.

Six of Swords in this position is indicative of self-sacrifice and the right action.  This month it is beneficial for us to take a step toward our own spirituality and make an attempt to better the community – and even the world – through better action.  If we have not yet taken any steps for the greater good, then we should begin that process this month by taking the steps necessary to improve our own lives.  This card, in this position does not mean a slow and gradual change, this means JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET, because it is an inevitable change and one that will make your life so much fuller and better, thereby also addressing your community and the world at large.  This is a period of rebirth that we are entering, pay special attention to your involvement because it will come to pass, whether you participate or not, and it is always better to participate!

Hanged Man (reverse) in this position lends itself to our participation in the rebirth process that we are rapidly approaching in October.  I suggest that we all take a good long look at what we are learning and from what source we are learning.  The source may be accurate and good, but the reversed Hanged Man calls for us to question everything again.  Do not be alarmed when you discover that the learning that we are experiencing is coming from sources that we were not previously akin to utilizing; nevertheless, unknown sources of learning does not necessarily mean that it is not a viable source.  In fact, this card may actually be leading us to learn from the unexpected sources at unanticipated times.  Keep our eyes wide open!  Do not miss a learning moment, because the Universe is reaching out!

The Universe (reversed) in our final position calls for us to reach higher for everything!  Goals, desires, dreams, and aspirations…reach and stretch yourselves more than ever before, reach even beyond the physical. Stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zones is called for now and this month our growth is going to be exponentially more impressive than most of this year – in total!

In summary, reach for the stars, stretch your limits, and keep vigilant so that you do not miss the learning moments and opportunities that are coming to the forefront this month!  October is going to be positively abundant.

Happy October.  May we all be well and blessed.