Morning Ritual for Self-Respect

self respect ritual

Morning Ritual for Self-Respect

Before love, there must always be respect, and for those who are always down on themselves, self-love can be a tall order. Respect must come first; an acknowledgement, acceptance, and appreciation for one’s own unique self. While this ritual will focus on physical features, even the most confident in that area can reap psychological benefits from taking the time to appreciate both their flaws and assets. This ritual is best practiced in the morning so it can work throughout the day.


Place a mirror on the floor. Kneel or sit criss-cross facing it. Take a deep breath, and allow your gaze to skim your reflection. Continue to breathe normally while you examine yourself. Don’t linger too long on one spot. Notice any and all judgements that pop up, positive or negative, acknowledge them, and release them for now. When you begin to hear the same thoughts on loop, you may pick and focus on a specific area. Allow the thoughts to come one-by-one, and before you move on, address them:

“This is who I am;
This is who I’m not.
I’ll do all that I can,
And not just what I aught.

I’ll judge me based on me
And not who I ‘should’ be.
And when I clearly see,
I’ll finally be free.”

Repeat until the thought quiets, and continue for every thought you have. This includes positive
judgements. When all thoughts on that area or spot are quieted, meet your own gaze in the mirror. Repeat:

“I am myself,
And of me,
Only one exists.
I see myself,
I know myself,
And things others will miss.

So when time comes
To be my best
I’ll do all that I can.
My unique self
Shines through it all;
Be I wolf or be I lamb.”

Inhale and exhale deeply. Focus on your breath, as you inhale calm and exhale all judgement. When you feel ready, stand up, put the mirror where it belongs, and proceed through the rest of the day.


Perform this exercise daily or weekly until you’ve systematically worked through everything you have strong feelings on, then circle back and go over them again. After a while, you should see judgements start to fade, and be replaced with a calm respect for your individuality.

The purpose of this ritual is to build a respect for the self. That being the case, all thoughts and judgements need to take a back seat, even the positive ones. Respect cannot be based upon unrealistic views or biases, as they can so easily fall apart.


Written By Jasmine Scarlatos