Monthly Reading For January

Monthly Reading For January Earth Warrior Essentials

This month’s reading was a positive start.  The question was geared toward what we should know as we enter the new year.  Let’s break it down into the individual cards before summing it all up at the end.

The first card is the Six of Swords.  Here we see a man in a boat moving away from rough waters to a more serene and calm horizon.  The man is moving forward and leaving behind a challenging past.  The suit of Swords is an Air sign.  It represents thoughts and perception.

You may find that leaving behind this past year is exactly what is needed.  You may have been through some challenging situations and are now finally moving forward into much more calm and gentle times.  Whether it has been emotional or physical, take comfort in the knowledge that you are moving forward and leaving it all behind.  Better days are ahead.  It’s time to look ahead and not behind.

The second card is the Sun in reversal.  Now this isn’t a bad thing at all.  In the reversed position it could mean that you are lacking confidence in yourself, or not able to see things clearly.  You may be anxious for change, but don’t force it.  The sun is about clarity.  Its rays shine down and clear our thoughts.

Allow yourself to be open to new ideas and opportunities ahead.  It may be something totally new to you, and you may be unsure of what to do.  Be open and use your intuition.

The last card is the Eight of Cups.  In this card we see the image of a man walking away from the cups towards the mountains in the distance.  He is leaving some sort of disappointment or hurt behind and moving forward.  The suit of Cups is a Water sign.  It represents feelings and emotions.

You may feel like something is missing, or there is something you should be doing but you need direction.  This past year may not have ended on the note you wanted it to, so you have feelings of disappointment.  This is the time to do some searching and find your answers.  It’s not always easy, but worth it in the end.  See with clarity what hasn’t served your highest good and leave it behind.

So what does this combination mean?  For some, you may have had quite a challenging year.  You may have just come out of it, or are just now coming out of it.  This year ahead looks hopeful, but you are unclear of what steps to take next.  Clarity of mind is what you need, but you may not be seeing it because other people or things that are not serving your highest good are clouding your vision.

You will need to take a long hard look at what isn’t serving your highest good and decide that it’s time to leave it behind.  It’s time for new positive changes.  Clarity will begin to return as you seek your next step.  It’s all up to you.  What brings you true happiness and fulfillment? Use this month to seek it out and allow yourself to see it with clarity. 

Blessed Be!