Mercury in Retrograde

mercury in retrograde

 We’ve all heard the warnings, the calls to be prepared.  It’s coming we’ve been told.  No one will escape its influence.  It’s Mercury in Retrograde!  And yes, for some it may seem their live’s have become total chaos.  For others, an occasional hiccup or two in their plans.  Either way, we are all affected by this heavenly optical illusion.

  All of the planets exhibit this apparent retrograde motion, but Mercury’s retrograde is much more closely observed.  The planets do not really begin to orbit in reverse.  We all travel around the sun in one direction, and that does not change.  What changes is our view of the planets in relation to our orbit around the sun. 

     It does seem a lot of fear and negativity comes right on schedule with the retrograde.  It’s hard to browse the subject and not see articles, memes, and little jokes on the matter.  Admittedly, there are some pretty good ones out there, but let’s look at the positive aspects of what’s to come.  We don’t have to dread or want to run and hide until it’s over.

 True, it is a terrible time to begin anything new, but it’s the perfect time to “re”.  This is the time to reflect, remember, recheck, redo, to finish all those things we’ve forgotten about or just left behind.  When revisiting those projects we’ve put off, we just might find a new excitement in finishing them.  Or even just realizing those projects weren’t really that important after all.  Reviewing our to-do-lists during Mercury in Retrograde can show us where exactly we are in our lives and what is really important to us in the here and now. 

     Go ahead, shake your head while giving a knowing smile as some things inevitably don’t quite work out, but don’t fear.  Look at this retrograde as a time to review and reorganize.  To renew your passion.  After all that retrospect you just may find you have a new project to look forward to.


Much Love and Blessings,

Shari Featherstone