Magickal Herbs A

Acacia: Protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement, money, platonic love, and friendship.
Also Called: Gum Arabic, Arabic Gum

Aconite:  Protection, Invisibility Magick
Also Called Wolfsbane, Monkshood

Acorn:  Good Luck, Protection, Wisdom

Adam & Eve Root: Love Magick

Adder’s Tongue:  Healing, Divination, Dream Magick, Lunar Magick
Also Called: Dogtooth Violet

African Violet:  Protection, Spirituality, Healing

Agar Agar:  Happiness, Success

Agrimony: Protection, Healing, Emotional Balance

Ague: Protection, Hex Breaking.
Also Called: Ague Root, Ague Weed

Alder:  Divination, Decision Making, Weather Magick

Alfalfa:  Prosperity
Also Called: Lucerne, Buffalo Herb, Purple Medic

Alkanet: Purification, Prosperity
Also Called: Anchusa, Dyer’s Bugloss, Orchanet, Spanish Bugloss

Allspice:  Good Luck, Healing, Money Drawing Money    Also Called: Jamaica Pepper

Almond:  Prosperity, Wisdom
Also Called: Greek Nuts

Aloe:  Protection and luck.
Also Called: Burn Plant, Medicine Plant

Althea Root:  Protection, Psychic Powers, Calming

Alyssum:  Protection, Calming

Amaranth:  Healing, Spirit Summoning, Invisibility.

Amber: Psychic Protection, Mental Clarity, Transforms Negative Energy

Ambergris:  Enhance Dreams

Anemone:  Healing, Protection

Angelica:  Powerful Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Uncrossing
Also Called:  Archangel, Garden Angel, Angelica Root

Anise:  Psychic Ability, Ward Off Evil Eye, Happiness
Also Called: Aniseed, Anneys, Anise Seed

Apple:  Love, Healing, Immortality
Also Called: Fruit of the Underworld, Fruit of the Gods, Silver Branch, Tree of Love

Apricot:  Love

Arabic Gum:  Protection, Platonic Love, Psychic Enhancement
Also Called: Acacia, Gum Arabic

Arnica Flowers:  Increase Psychic Powers

Arrow Root:  Purification, Healing

Ash:  Protection, Luck

Asafetida:  Banish Negativity, Protection
Also Called: Devil’s Dung, Food of the Gods

Asparagus:  Male Sex Magick

Aspen:  Healing, Clairvoyance

Aspen: Anti-theft

Aster: Love

Astragalus Root:  Protection, Energy

Avocado:  Love, Sex Magick

Azalea:  Happiness