Magickal Herbs V

Valerian:  Dream magick, Reconciliation, Love, Harmony
Also Called: Valerian Root, All-Heal, Garden Heliotrope, Vandal Root

Vanilla Bean:  Love, Lust, Passion, Energy

Venus Flytrap:  Love, Protection

Vetiver:  Prosperity, Love, Attraction, Dispel Hexes, Repel Negativity
Also Called: Khus-khus

Vervain:  Protection, Purification, Wealth, Peace, Healing, Banish Nightmares
Also Called:  Verbena, Enchanter’s Plant, Enchanter’s Herb, Juno’s Tears, Holy Wort, Lemon Verbena, Van-Van, Herb of Grace, Herb of the Cross, Pigeon’s Grass

Vetch:  Fidelity

Vinegar:  Banishing, Binding, Averting Evil.

Violet:  Prophetic Dreams, Visions, Peace, Tranquility, Protection
Also Called: Sweet Violet, Blue Violet, Wild Violet