Magickal Herbs T

Tamarind:  Love

Tangerine:  Vitality, Energy, Strength, Joy

Tansy:  Immortality, Health, Invisibility, immortality, Protection

Tarragon:  Healing, Consecration, Compassion

Tea Leaves:  Prosperity, Courage, Strength, Divination

Tea Tree:  Harmony, Clarity

Thistle:  Protection, Anti-Theft, Healing

Thyme:  Loyalty, Courage, Strength, Purification, Banishing, Wealth
Also Called: Garden Thyme, Common Thyme

Toadflax:  Hex Removing, Protection

Toadstool:  Rain Magick

Tobacco:  Promotes Peace, Confidence, Strength, Banishing

Tomato:  Love Spells

Tonka Bean:  Love, Wishes, Courage, Prosperity, Luck
Also Called: Tonquin Bean, Wish Beans

Tuberose:  Serenity, Sensuality, Peace
Also Called: Mistress of the Night

Turnip:  Ending Relationships

Uva Ursi:  Intuition, Enhance Psychic Powers
Also Called: Bearberry, Bear’s Grape, Foxberry, Crowberry, Hog Cranberry, Mountain Box, Mountain Cranberry, Uva Ursa