Magickal Herbs P

Palm:  Focus, Divination, Potency, Fertility

Palo Santo:  Purification, Cleansing, Uplift Spirits

Pansy:  Love, Rain Magick, Relationship Divination

Papaya:  Love, Reverse Hexes and Curses, Banish Evil

Paprika:  Boost Magickal Power

Papyrus:  Protection

Parsley:  Prosperity, Lust, Fertility

Parsnip:  Male Sex Magick

Passion Flower:  Prosperity, Attract Friendship, Peace
Also Called: Passion Vine, Granadilla, Maypops, Purple Passion Flower

Patchouli:  Prosperity, Love, Fertility
Also Called:  Patchouly

Peach:  Fertility, Love, Wisdom

Pear:  Lust, Love

Peas:  Money, Love

Peat Moss:  Protection

Pecan:  Employment, Success

Pennyroyal:  Peace, Tranquility
Also Called: Squaw Mint, Stinking Balm, Mosquito Plant, Squaw Balm, Lurk in the Ditch, Run by the Ground

Peony:  Protection, Good Luck, Prosperity, Attract Fairies

Pepper, Black:  Protection, Banish Negative Energies, Courage

Peppermint:  Healing, Purification, Prophetic Dreams, Wishes

Periwinkle:  Love, Wealth

Persimmon:  Healing, Luck

Petitgrain:  Protection

Pimento:  Love

Pimpernel: Protection, Health

Pine:  Prosperity, Success, Strength, Grounding, Cleansing, Purification, Blessings, New Beginnings

Pineapple:  Chastity, Luck, Wealth

Pink Root:  Healing
Also Called: Indian Pink, Maryland Pink, Wormgrass

Plantain:  Protection, Blessings, Healing

Pleurisy Root:  Healing
Also Called: Butterfly Weed, Wind Root, Canada Root, Silkweed, Orange Swallow Wort, Tuber Root

Plum:  Healing, Peace, Love

Plumeria:  Success, Attract Attention, Eloquence
Also Called: Graveyard Flowers, Temple Tree

Poke Root:  Break Hexes and Curses, Finding Lost Objects, Courage
Also Called:  Shang Lu

Pomegranate:  Divination, Wishes, Wealth, Fertility

Poppy:  Fertility, Prosperity, Love, Abundance.
Also Called: Opium Poppy

Poppy Seeds:  Love, Luck, Invisibility, Pleasure
Also Called: Opium Poppy

Potato:  Wealth, Luck, Healing

Prickly Ash Bark:  Safe Travel, Fertility, Breaking Hexes
Also Called:  Toothache Tree, Yellow Wood

Primrose:  Reveals Truths and Secrets
Also Called: English Cowslip, Butter Rose

Pumpkin:  Lunar Magick

Pumpkin Seed:  Health