Magickal Herbs M

Magnolia Flowers:  Health, Love, Peace, Loyalty

Magnolia Bark:  Fidelity, Love
Also Called: Cucumber Tree, Blue Magnolia, Swamp Sassafras,

Maidenhair Fern:  Love, Beauty

Mandrake:  Protection, Prosperity, Fertility, Exorcism
Also Called: Mandragora, Satan’s Apple, Manroot, Gallows, Herb of Circe, Raccoon Berry, Sorcerer’s Root, Wild Lemon

Maple:  Love, Wealth, Good Luck

Marigold:  Legal Matters, Attract Respect, Protection

Marjoram:  Cleansing, Purification, Dispel Negative Energies, Love Magick
Also Called: Joy of the Mountain, Mountain Mint

Marshmallow Root:  Protection, Psychic Powers
Also Called: Althea, Sweet Weed, Mallards

Milk Thistle:  Strength, Perseverance, Wisdom

Mimosa:  Protection, Purification, Love, Dream Magick

Mint:  Communication, Vitality
Also Called:  Garden Mint

Mistletoe:  Fertility, Creativity
Also Called: Birdlime, Golden Bough, Holy Wood, Druid’s Bough, Witch’s Broom, Wood of the Cross

Monkshood:  Protection, Invisibility (Poison)
Also Called:  Aconite, Garden Wolf’s Bane, Helmet Flower, Friar’s Cap, Wolfbane

Morning Glory:  Binding, Banishing
Also Called: Devil’s Guts

Motherwort:  Success, Confidence, Counter-Spell
Also Called:  Lion’s Tail, Lion’s Ear, Roman Motherwort

Mugwort:  Lust, Fertility, Divination, Astral Travel, Dream Magick
Also Called: Artemisia, Felon Herb, St. John’s Plant, Naughty Man, Sailor’s Tobacco

Mullein:  Protection From Negative Magick, Banish Nightmares, Invoke Spirits, Courage
Also Called: Flannel Flower, Shepherd’s Club, Hare’s Beard, Pig Taper, Cow’s Lungwort, Aarons Rod, Velvet Plant, Woolen Blanket Herb

Musk:  Self-Esteem, Root Chakra, Sexuality

Mustard Seed:  Endurance, Faith, Courage, Anti-Theft, Good Luck
Also Called:  Yellow Mustard, White Mustard

Myrrh:  Healing, Meditation, Enhance Psychic Work, Consecration

Myrtle:  Fertility, Wealth, Love, Peace
Also Called: Bayberry Tree