Magickal Herbs j-k

Jamaican Ginger:  Gambling Luck

Jasmine:  Divination, Love, Prosperity, Prophetic Dreams
Also Called: Pikake, Jessamin, Moonlight on the Grove

Jezebel Root:  Wealth,  Hex, Curses

Job’s Tears:  Employment, Blessings, Wishes

Juniper:  Banishes Illness And Disease, Love, Male Potency, Attracts Good Energies
Also Called: Juniper Berries

Kava Kava:  Aphrodisiac, Visions, Astral Work, Travel Protection
Also Called:  Ava, Ava Pepper, Intoxicating Pepper

Knotweed:  Binding Spells, Health, Curses

Kola Nut:  Peace, Overcome Depression