Magickal Herbs H

Hawthorn:  Fertility, Fairy Magick, Chastity
Also Called: Hawthorne, Haw, May Bush, May Tree, Mayflower, Quickset, Thorn-apple Tree, Whitethorn, Bread and Cheese Tree, Quick

Hay:  Healing, Fertility

Heather:  Protection, Luck, Immortality
Also Called:  Ling, Scotch Heather

Heliotrope:  Protection, Prosperity, Cheerfulness
Also Called:  Turnsole, Cherry Pie

Hemlock:  Astral Projection (Poison)

Henbane:  Love, Rain Magick
Also Called:  Hogs Bean, Devil’s Eye, Henbells

Henna:  Love, Protection

Hibiscus:  Love, Lust, Divination, Dream Magick

Hickory:  Legal Matters, Love, Lust, Protection

High John:  Strength, Confidence, Luck, Prosperity, Protection, Love, Healing
Also Called: High John the Conqueror, John the Conqueror, Jalap Root

Holly:  Marriage, Dream Magick, Luck, Love
Also Called:  Bat’s Wings, Holm Chaste

Hollyhock:  Success, Draw Money

Honey:  Attraction, Solar Magick.

Honeysuckle:  Abundance, Success, Prosperity
Also Called:  Woodbine, Dutch Honeysuckle, Goat’s Leaf

Hops:  Dream Magick, Healing
Also Called:  Beer Flower, Hop Flower

Horehound:  Protection, Balance, Sacred to Horus
Also Called:  White Horehound, Bugleweed

Horseshoe Chestnut:  Healing, Wealth
Also Called:  Buckeye

Hyacinth:  Peaceful Sleep, Love, Luck, Ease Nightmares

Hydrangea:  Hex-Breaking, Love, Fidelity, Binding

Hyssop:  Purification, Anti-Theft, Consecrate Ritual Tools