Magickal Herbs G

Galangal Root:  Legal Matters, Sex Magick, Hex Breaking, Protection, Prosperity, Luck
Also Called:  Low John, Lo John the Conqueror, Lesser Galangal, Colic Root, Catarrh Root, India Root, China Root

Gardenia:  Protection, Peace, Harmony

Garlic:  Healing, Protection, Exorcism, Purification
Also Called:  Stinkweed

Gentian:  Power, Strength

Geranium:  Lifts Spirits, Protection, Happiness, Balance

Ginger:  Prosperity, Success, Sexuality, Enhance Confidence
Also Called:  African Ginger

Ginkgo Biloba:  Aphrodisiac, Fertility, Healing
Also Called:  Maidenhair Tree, Living Fossil, Gingko

Ginseng:  Love, Protection, Healing, Prosperity, Lust
Also Called:  Sang, Wonder of the World Root

Goldenrod:  Money, Divination
Also Called:  Aaron’s Rod, Woundwort, Sweet Goldenrod

Goldenseal:  Healing, Prosperity, Success
Also Called: Yellow Root, Indian Paint, Yellow Paint, Golden Root, Wild Turmeric, Indian Turmeric, Jaundice Root

Goosegrass:  Wisdom, Tenacity, Love, Dream Magick

Gorse:  Love, Protection, Romance
Also Called:  Prickly Broom, Furze

Grape:  Fertility, Wealth, Garden Magick

Grape Seed:  Fertility, Garden Magick

Grapefruit:  Cleansing, Purification.

Gravel Root:  Employment, Love Magick
Also Called: Meadow Sweet, Bride of the Meadow, Bridewort, Little Queen, Purple Boneset, Kidney Root, Trumpet Weed, Trumpet Vine, Meadowsweet.

Guinea Peppers:  Hexes, Curses

Gum Arabic:  Protection, Psychic Enhancement, Prosperity
Also Called:  Acacia, Arabic Gum