Magickal Herbs B

Balm of Gilead: Love, Protection, Healing
Also Called: Poplar Buds, Balsam Poplar, Balm of Gilead, Mecca, Mecca Balsam

Balsam Fir: Strength, Insight, Change

Bamboo:  Hex Breaking, Luck and Protection

Banana:  Fertility, Potency, Prosperity

Banyan:  Happiness, Luck

Barberry:  Cleansing
Also Called: Witches Sweets

Barley:  Love, Healing, Protection

Basil:  Love, Exorcism, Prosperity, Protection
Also Called:  Common Basil, Sweet Basil, St. Joseph’s Wort, Witches’ Herb

Bat’s Head Root:  Wishes Granted

Bay Laurel:  Purification, Blessing, Attracts Romance.
Also Called: Bay, Sweet Laurel, Sweet Bay, True Laurel, Noble Laurel

Bay Leaf:  Protection, Success, Purification, Healing and Psychic Powers.
Also Called:  Wax Myrtle, Candleberry, Candleberry Myrtle, Tallow Shrub, Vegetable Tallow, Waxberry

Bedstraw (Fragrant):  Love, Lust

Bee Pollen:  Friendship, Love, Happiness

Beech:  Wishes, Divination

Beet: Love

Belladonna:  Healing, Protection (Poison)
Also Called: Bane Wort, Deadly Nightshade, Sorcerer’s Berry, Witch’s Berry, Death’s Herb, Devil’s Cherries, Great Morel

Benzoin:  Purification, Prosperity
Also Called: Snowbells, Gum Benzoin, Siam Benzoin, Siamese Benzoin, Benzoin Gum,

Bergamot:  Prosperity, Protection
Also Called: Orange Mint

Betel Nut:  Protection, Banishing

Bilberry Bark:  Protection.
Also Called: Whortleberry, Huckleberry

Birch:  Protection, Exorcism, Purification
Also Called: White Birch, Canoe Birch, Paper Birch, Tree of Life, Lady of the Woods

Bistort:  Fertility, Divination, Psychic Powers
Also Called: Bistort Root, Dragonwort

Black Cohosh:  Love, Courage, Protection
Also Called: Black Snake Root, Bugbane, Squawroot, Rattlesnake Root, Richweed

Black Haw:  Protection, Good Luck, Employment
Also Called: Devil’s Shoestring, American Sloe

Black Pepper:  Banish Negativity, Exorcism, Protection

Black Walnut:  Connect To Divine Energy, Wishes, Blessing

Blackberry:  Healing, Protection, Prosperity

Bladderwrack:  Protection, Psychic Power, Business Success, Water Magick
Also Called:  Kelp, Kelpware, Black-tang, Sea Oak, Sea Spirit

Blessed Thistle:  Purification, Protection, Hex Breaking.
Also Called: Holy Thistle, Saint Benedict Thistle, Spotted Thistle, Cardin

Bloodroot:  Love, Protection, Purification
Also Called:  Red Root, Red Indian Paint, Blood Root, Indian Paint, Red Paint Root,

Blowball:  Love, Wishes

Blue Cohosh:  Empowerment, Purification, Wealth

Blue Violet:  Love, Inspiration, Good Fortune, Protection
Also Called:  Sweet Scented Violet

Bluebell Luck, Truth Friendship, Aids With Sorrow Due To Loss
Also Called: Jacinth, Auld Man’s Bell, Ring o’ Bells, Wood Bells

Blueberry:  Protection

Boneset:  Protection, Exorcism
Also Called: Feverwort, Agueweed, Eupatorium, Indian Sage, Sweating Plant, Teasel, Thoroughwort, Vegetable Antimony

Borage:  Courage, Psychic Powers
Also Called:  Bee Bread, Starflower, Herb of Gladness, Bugloss, Cool Tankard

Brazil Nut:  Bring Good Luck In Love

Brimstone:  Dispels Hex, Removes Curses
Also Called:  Sulfur Powder

Broom Tops:  Purification, Wind Magick, Divination Protection
Also Called: Irish Broom, Scotch Broom, Besom, Broom

Buchu:  Divination, Wind Magick, Prophetic Dreams
Also Called:  Bucco, Agathosma Betulina

Buckeye:  Divination, Good Luck, Wealth
Also Called:  Horse Chestnut

Buckthorn:  Legal Matters
Also Called:  Arrowwood, Black Dogwood, Black Alder Dogwood, Black Alder Tree

Buckwheat:  Money, Protection

Burdock:  Cleansing, Protection

Burnet:  Protection, Consecration
Also Called:  Italian Pimpernel, Salad Burnet, Greater Burnet

Butchers Broom:  Wind Magick, Divination, Protection