Magickal Herbs E

Earth Smoke:  Purification, Consecrate Ritual Tools, Samhain Magick
Also Called: Fumitory

Ebony:  Protection, Power
Also Called:  Obeah Wood

Echinacea:  Boosts Strength Of Magickal Charms, Incense, and Sachets, Prosperity
Also Called:  Purple Coneflower, Coneflower, Black Sampson

Elder:  Sleep, Protection, Wisdom, Home Blessings
Also Called: Sweet Elder, Tree of Doom, Pipe Tree, Witch’s Tree, Devil’s Eye

Elecampane:  Banish Negative Emotions Or Energy, Elf Magick
Also Called: Yellow Starwort, Elfwort, Horse-elder, Velvet Dock

Elm:  Love, Lightning Protection, Elf Magick
Also Called:  Elven, European Elm, English Elm

Endive:  Love Spells, Sex Magick

Eucalyptus:  Protection, Healing, Purification
Also Called: Blue Gum, River Red Gum, Maiden’s Gum, Fever Tree, Stringy Bark Tree

Evening Primrose:  Love, Faery Magick, Attracts Fairies
Also Called:  Fever Plant, Field Primrose, Night Willow-herb, Tree Primrose, Primrose

Eyebright:  Increase Psychic Abilities, Improve Memory, Create Positive Attitude