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The Witch’s Wand

magick wands

These days, when people think of witches, many of them will think of Hermione Granger swishing and flicking her wand to float a feather, or Professor Minerva McGonagall flourishing her wand to turn a toucan into a water goblet. Others might think of Cinderella’s fairy godmother jauntily jabbing her wand to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo a pumpkin into […]

The Witch’s Athamé

Triple Moon Athame

The Athamé The athamé (pronounced a-THAH-may or AH-tha-may) is a magickal dagger that signifies action, domination, and power. Most traditional athamés consist of a blade that is anywhere from four to ten inches long, made from stainless steel, with a sharp point, and a hilt that is either the traditional black or a similarly dark […]

The Magical Properties of Colors

color magick

The Magical Properties of Colors Are More Powerful Than You May Realize When it comes to spellwork, you may have noticed that witches use certain colors when it comes to their magickal practices. If you are wondering why colors are important when it comes to spellwork, that is because colors have powerful properties – more […]

Smudging For Beginners

What Is Smudging?      Since ancient times, our ancestors have burned herbs and resins.  They knew that the sacred smoke would raise vibrations, ward off negative energy, and help with their spiritual work. Today, we see this process as smudging, and it remains the most important step in many spiritual rituals. Smudging is a practiced […]