Air The Element

Air The Element Earth Warrior Essentials

Ah, Air. The element of reason and curiosity. Is it such a mystery why? Air surrounds us; we breathe it, we feel it caress our faces as it passes. Much like knowledge, it is infinite and powerful, yet gentle and accessible. We take it in, small amounts at a time, and allow it to fill our lungs and our bodies with its life-bringing elements.

Reason and curiosity, like the winds, are agents of change. When the winds blow away the old, they bring in the new; all with a single breath. Likewise, when we enter a reasonable state of mind, so do we shed old ways and make way for the new. It’s no coincidence that, in the tarot, the element of air is represented by a sword. What better to cut through the phooey and hogwash than a sword? Than the powers of reason?

Who doesn’t love the cool Autumn breezes that rustle your hair and turn your cheeks pink? Who doesn’t love learning the ways of the world under the falling leaves? Think of the last time you sat on a bench in the park, a pond before you, and a vibrant tree behind. If you never have, picture yourself there, now. It’s serene. Peaceful. And it’s almost as though the knowledge of the universe is at your fingertips. This, this beautiful scene where the breeze blows lightly and the sun shines warm; this is the element of air.

When Euros blows his winds in from the East, this brother of the Anemoi brings many blessings. The blessings of change, of knowledge, and of hope. The year is about to end. And with it, the struggles of the past year are blowing out the back door, making room for new love, positivity, spirituality, and all manner of good things.

I invite all to join me in praises of the element Air. As we take a deep breath, may we appreciate the blessings that we so often take for granted, and may we feed our minds with knowledge in His honor.

Air, my friend,
We watch for the end.
But hold my hand,
At sea or on land.
We worship your pull
Your pushes and lulls
At the end of the day
You will show us the way


Jasmine Scarlatos