About Us

    As a child I was taught all things Pagan were evil and avoided anything remotely metaphysical.  I went to church, studied, and prayed.  But something was missing.  As a young woman I met a series of pagans.  Listening with open mind, I was curious.  These people I met weren’t evil, in fact, quite the opposite.  My curiosity prompted me to learn all I could, and I discovered how wrong I had initially been.  A whole new and wondrous world opened before me.  I had finally found my spiritual path.

     Hi, my name is Shari, and I’m a practicing eclectic witch.  I’ve had official training in Reiki, Tarot, Space-Clearing, and Chakra Balancing.  I am also currently studying medicinal herbalism.  What an amazing journey it has been! 

     I remember how exciting, yet overwhelming it was when I first started this spiritual journey.  The worry of making a mistake, not having the right color candles or altar set up, what to study next, etc.  Thankfully, I was blessed to have wonderful teachers and mentors to help guide me in those early years.   

     For years now I have had a dream of opening a metaphysical shop, of helping others the way I was so graciously helped along the way.  What a wonderful way to meet new people, learn new things, share beliefs, and have fun doing what I love.  Now that is a reality!     

     I’m so excited to be able to offer Earth Warrior Essentials.  A metaphysical shop owned and operated by practicing pagans!  We personally inspect each and every item before lovingly packing and shipping to your door. 

     Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, requests, or advice.  We would love to hear from you!

​Much Love and Blessed Be,

Shari FeatherStone