A New Year, New Beginnings, Infinite Possibilities

     For a few months I’d been having such a strong feeling that 2018 would be a year for great possibilities and success.  I did a self reading using Denise Linn’s ‘Native Spirit Oracle’, and the card I pulled was the Shape-shifter.  What really stood out was the part of its meaning, “I can be all I desire to be”.  What an awesome message and perfect confirmation to the feelings and thoughts I’d been having.  It set the stage for an inspiring start to the new year.

     We started this new year with the gorgeous Full Super Moon in Cancer, a reminder to take the time for self nurturing.  What a night that was!  I enjoyed a lovely ritual that reminded me to take the time to take care of myself, to nurture myself.  For what we nurture and care for will grow.

      I’m so excited for the opportunities and possibilities this new year brings!

      What do you desire to be in this new year?

      Infinite possibilities are open for all of us.  All we need to do is choose to find them.

Blessed Be and Much Love,

S. FeatherStone