How To Cast A Room Into A Circle

How To Cast A Room Into A Circle Earth Warrior Essentials

Casting a circle is casting a sacred space. Therefore, if you want to cast a room into a circle, you’re going to have to consecrate it as such. For our purposes, I’m going to use a kitchen as an example. This is because, during kitchen witchery, it’s hard to cast a small circle in the room and stay within it. The more practical approach, in this case, is to cast the entire room as your space.

The first step for casting a room as a circle is the same as it is for any circle-casting: let people know. The last thing you need is your significant other smashing down the door and ravenously ransacking your fridge while you’re trying to cook up a spell. If those you live with don’t know about your craft, tell them that you need personal quiet time to unwind and reflect. If they do know about your practice, and respect it, all the better. Either way, find a way to keep people out. Energy in a circle is as easily broken as your concentration. Close as many doors as you can, and try to keep the space as small and intimate as possible

The next part, and here’s where I’ll probably lose you, is to cleanse the space. And the only way you can clear a space of all the energies it’s holding is, in my opinion, to clear it of clutter. This means a deep, physical cleanse alongside the metaphysical. Get everything dirty, distracting, disorganized, and cluttered all cleaned and put away in the proper place. Then, as with normal cleaning, start from the top and move down. Use an all-natural cleaning solution to scrub everything down. While some people don’t have or want natural cleaners, I use them because I personally find that they don’t smell as chemical, and are therefore less distracting. (Speaking of smells, I personally prefer something citrus, earthy, or a combination of the two to get the room how I want it, which we’ll discuss in a moment. But this is up to you. Just make sure the scent matches either the intention or energy that you’re planning for your working.)

Remember to clean the floors thoroughly; both because they’ll be catching everything from your top cleaning, and because you’ll be drawing on and feeding from energy from the earth beneath your feet. Note: It will make things infinitely easier on you if you attempt to reach a semi-meditative, or particularly mindful, state of mind during your cleaning. Don’t stress over completely eliminating thoughts, but allow them to come, acknowledge them as you breathe in deeply, and then sigh them out. In addition, work in a circle or spiral around the room. Both will help to cast and charge your space.

When the room is thoroughly cleansed, you’re ready to cast. This should be relatively simple, if you’ve cleaned well. Stand in the middle of the room, feet hip-width apart, with your arms at your sides and your palms facing in front of you. Close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Remember that scented natural cleaner? Smell the freshness surrounding you, the earth’s bounties. Breathe in the cleansing scent and imagine yourself glowing, filling with calm light energy. With your outwards breaths, imagine yourself and this energy melting into the room, melding with all the clean air and spreading into every corner. Because there is no clutter in the room to absorb and corrupt this energy, feel the air become thick with it. Warm, comforting, and full of intention.

When you are ready, breathe in deeply. As you blow the air out, gently open your eyes and see this energy surrounding you. You are now ready to practice.

Jasmine Scarlatos