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The Witch’s Wand

magick wands

These days, when people think of witches, many of them will think of Hermione Granger swishing and flicking her wand to float a feather, or Professor Minerva McGonagall flourishing her wand to turn a toucan into a water goblet. Others might think of Cinderella’s fairy godmother jauntily jabbing her wand to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo a pumpkin into […]

Aphrodite The Goddess Of Love


I’ve yet to encounter someone who isn’t familiar with Aphrodite. While Hekate is a lesser-known deity amongst non-practitioners, and Hera seems to be less popular with those who only somewhat follow the myths, Aphrodite seems to be a timeless classic that everyone knows and reveres. “The Birth of Venus,” while using her Roman name, is […]

Eros The Ancient God Of Love


Family trees in Ancient Greek mythology are massive, complicated, and tedious.  Who was whose brother, mother, cousin, or lover? Or all four? With so many sources and traditions, all borrowing from the last account while contradicting it entirely, who can figure it out?  Just thinking about drawing one of these family trees gives me a […]