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What Is A Sacred Circle?

Sacred Circle

Perhaps the most notable experience in meditation is that first moment where you retroactively see the space you’ve learned to create in your own mind. It’s a peaceful little bubble; completely empty, yet still full. It is filled to almost bursting with warm calm and serenity. Now imagine how powerful that would be, were it […]

Poem For Mabon 2019

mabon poem

  MabonBalanceStanding on a pinThe summer blowsAnd whisps awayWith the chilling autumn winds PlentyFamineBoth will come and goAnd as we tumbleThrough their wheelWe wait for coming snow We fill the cornucopiaWith apples, pumpkin, grainAnd store for coming winterWhen the sun dies once again AutumnAnd SpringTwo brothers hand-in-handAre not at warHave such a bondThat time cannot […]

Morning Ritual for Self-Respect

self respect ritual

Morning Ritual for Self-Respect Before love, there must always be respect, and for those who are always down on themselves, self-love can be a tall order. Respect must come first; an acknowledgement, acceptance, and appreciation for one’s own unique self. While this ritual will focus on physical features, even the most confident in that area […]